Low Pass Filter

low pass filter

    low pass filter
  • a filter that passes frequencies below a certain value and attenuates frequencies above that value

  • A circuit that allows low frequencies to pass but rolls off the high frequencies. Most subwoofers have low-pass filters built in and many surround sound decoders have subwoofer outputs that have been low-pass filtered.

  • A type of Filter used to eliminate high-range frequencies resulting in a rounder sound.

D7000 low-pass filter oil spots

D7000 low-pass filter oil spots

The Nikon D7000 is a wonderful camera, but some suffer from an unfortunate issue with lubricating oil from the shutter or mirror mechanism getting splattered over the righthand side of the low-pass filter that covers the sensor. This results in bright splodges with dark rings around them appearing in photos. Annoyingly Nikon is dragging its heels about officially acknowledging this issue and is making it unnecessarily difficult to get affected cameras repaired. My D7000 is currently being serviced by them for the 3rd time due to this problem. All they did in previous services was to clean the sensor, so the oil spots quickly reappeared after I got the camera back. I'm pushing to have the camera body replaced but I don't know what my chances are. Not a happy camper.

Sony A100 DIY IR conversion (1)

Sony A100 DIY IR conversion (1)

What you need first of all is to get the glass out of the r72 filter and then practice cutting some glass before cutting the actual filter. You will need some masking tape, a glass cutter, some pliers, hobby knife, small flat screwdrivers and some other stuff.

low pass filter

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